Phuket Travel Guide

Phuket Travel Guide offers concise and compact travel guides of the cities, towns and vibrant villages across Phuket, in a unique combination with a Phuket places business directory, upcoming Phuket event listings and an overview of all attractions in Phuket.

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Phuket Travel Guide

June 9, 2022

Phuket, Thailand’s second smallest province and largest island, is a real tropical paradise. White sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, warm aquamarine waters and sumptuous seafood are just a few attractions that you will find on this idyllic island, also known as The Pearl of the Andaman Sea.

Phuket lies off the west coast of Thailand and, including some smaller islands off its coast, is one of the southern provinces of Thailand. The island is connected by the Sarasin Bridge to Phang Nga Province to the north. The next nearest province is Krabi, to the east across Phang Nga Bay.

Phuket Travel Guide | The name Phuket is said to be a derivative of the Malay word ‘bukit’, which means ‘hill’, and is a reference to the island’s appearance from a distance.

Other sources claim it was formed from the Thai words for ‘mountain’ and ‘jewel’, being ‘phu’ and ‘ket’ respectively. Prior to this, Phuket was called ‘Jung Ceylon’, a reference that is evident on historic European navigational charts and an alteration of the Malay Tanjung Salang words for ‘Cape Salang’.

Later, it was called ‘Thalang’, a name that still remains in one of the island’s districts before finally settling on the name it is known as today.

The island first sparked the interest of keen sun seekers in the 1970’s and produced the beginning of another boom. Resorts began popping up in Patong and Phuket Town at first, eventually spreading into other parts of the isle.

Today, Phuket continues to grow by expanding its opportunities in business and tourism, while still maintaining its soulful charm and charisma.

Phuket Travel Guide gives you an insight into where to stay in Phuket, what to do in Phuket, where to eat in Phuket, health and beauty in Phuket, nightlife in Phuket, services in Phuket and shopping in Phuket.

Each Phuket sub-district has their own unique draw and all boast attractions that beckon investigation; you’ll find exactly which parts of Phuket island suit your individual interests and tastes best.

Phuket Districts

The administrative region of Phuket is divided into three districts from which Thalang is the one located in the north of the island. Kathu is the smallest of the three districts and is located in the west between Thalang and Mueang Phuket, the third district that covers the South of Phuket.

Thalang District

Located in the north of the island, Thalang is well-known for its peaceful vibe as it is remote from the urban chaos. Thalang is the district connecting Phuket with its neighbour, Phang Nga, and includes six expansive sub districts, covering an area of 252 square kilometres.

If you are looking for a calm, indulging and relaxing holiday destination, this area is the answer. You will find choices of accommodation from affordable local resorts to luxury 6-star hotels and private pool villas, which are surrounded by local food vendors as well as a wide range of international bistros, restaurants, bars and beach clubs.

Kathu District

This attractive district offers a wide range of activities as well as interesting historical landmarks that attract millions of visitors every year. Kathu covers three big sub-districts including the world-famous Patong. The district is located on the west of the island and covers 67 square kilometres with wide smooth roads and shortcuts making it convenient to access the other areas of the island.

While Kathu (city) itself is to be considered a residential area with affordable housing and condominiums scattered throughout, the coastal city of Patong is mostly tourist-oriented, with a vast selection of hotels and resorts, international restaurants, nightclubs, and everything you would expect from a seaside town. Kamala,once a quiet Muslim fishing village, still maintains a sense of tranquillity and is ideal for those who prefer a relaxing beach environment.

Mueang Phuket District

Phuket Travel Guide | Mueang Phuket is the capital district covering an expansive area of 224 square kilometres that includes Koh Kaew, Phuket City, Wichit, Chalong, Karon and Rawai sub-districts. This area offers a wide diversity from the old charming town and the unique sea gypsy villages to beaches, viewpoints, restaurants and bars.

Phuket City attracts a large number of travellers who expect to explore the true touch of Phuket. Phuket old town is the best place to find local markets, small bistros that offer you the authentic taste of Thai Southern cuisine, and plenty of chic ’n cool coffee shops.

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Places in Phuket

Phuket Travel Guide offers a unique places business directory that shows you insights to Phuket businesses. Accommodation, activities, eateries, health and beauty places, nightlife venues, service providers and shopping destinations are added by the business owners and offer you detailed information on what each business or venue has to offer as well as directions on how to get there.

Events in Phuket

Stay up-to-date with our comprehensive list of events in Phuket. Food and beverage promotions, Sunday roasts, brunches, BBQ’s, live music, live DJs, parties, quiz nights, social events and many more are added by the event organisers and offer event details and insights into the event location.

Attractions in Phuket

Beaches, viewpoints, temples, landmarks, markets, shopping malls and national parks are just a few of the many attractions that Phuket has to offer. Some of these are free to visit at any time, others have entrance fees and specific visiting hours and some are only accessible during certain months of the year.

Explore Phuket

We divided Phuket into categories offering you more detailed information on where to stay, what to do, where to eat, health and beauty, nightlife, services and shopping destinations. So start exploring!
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Phuket Travel Guides

We compiled concise and compact travel guides of the cities, towns and vibrant villages across Phuket, offering you helpful tips and giving you an insight into where to stay, what to do, health and beauty, nightlife, services and shopping destinations.

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