Banzaan Market

Banzaan Market is a large indoor market on Patong beach. A large two-story complex is located behind the Jungceylon shopping mall. The market offers a variety of food and shopping options, including meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and some clothing.

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Banzaan Market

Banzaan Market is a popular destination for tourists and locals who live in this area. If you stay at Patong beach, forget about the Rawai Seafood Market, and come here for delicacies. Sea reptiles either lie on ice or swim in aquariums. You can buy shrimp, crabs, shells, or fish on the first floor. The food court on the second floor offers cooking for an additional price.

Banzaan Market is open daily and operates from early morning to late afternoon. It is worth coming to the market before noon, while all the stalls are still well stocked.

All fresh produce is sold on the ground floor. As in other markets, the entire territory is divided into zones: fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, ingredients for cooking, and ready-made food. You will see many different unknown fruits. Feel free to buy them and have a try.

Stalls where vegetables are sold offer various unknown plants. You will find some of them as ingredients in Thai soups and curries.

It is a bustling and vibrant place, with vendors selling their wares and locals haggling for the most reasonable prices. Haggling is a common practice at the market, and visitors are encouraged to negotiate prices with vendors to get the cheapest deals. In addition to fresh products, the market also offers street food stalls serving up delicious local Thai cuisine.

In the seafood corner, you will find a large selection of fish, crabs, shells, and oysters. All seafood is fresh. Some shells are still spitting, crabs are moving, and eels and catfish are swimming in the water.

Choose your favorite seafood and go to the second floor. At the food court, the catch you caught will be prepared for you for a small fee. The price is lower than in seafood restaurants. After weighing the seafood, the waiter will give you a number by which you need to pay for cooking.

Visiting Banzaan Market is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the authentic side of Phuket. The market is easily accessible, located in the heart of the Patong city, and is open daily, making it a convenient destination for visitors. Whether you are looking for fresh seafood, to sample local street food, or simply soak up the vibrant atmosphere, Banzaan Market has something to offer everyone. Just remember to bring your bargaining skills and be prepared for a busy environment.

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Banzaan Market

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Banzaan Market

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Banzaan Market

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