Sunday Walking Street Market

Conceptualized by Phuket’s council with the hopes of breathing new life into the historical old town district, the market has been a grand success. The Lard Yai Sunday Street Market takes place every Sunday from 4:00 – 10:00 pm. The walking street market presents the perfect opportunity to buy local souvenirs and sample an abundance of tasty Thai street delicacies in a charming ambiance.

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Sunday Walking Street Market

A performance venue is set up in the middle of the market that hosts live sessions by local musicians, community talks, and art performances. Oftentimes, local schools showcase Thai dancing native to the region which is always splendid to watch. At the bottom of Thalang Road towards the end of the walking street, a karaoke competition generally takes place. It is equally endearing and hilarious to watch some of the neighborhood’s finest sing and dance to their heart’s content.

Most of the shophouses that line Thalang Road are open for business as usual during the Lard Yai Sunday Street Market which gives onlookers the chance to explore some of the unique buildings and businesses that comprise the historical old town district. It is important to note that the majority of these buildings and businesses also function as people’s homes, so it is best to mind your manners and be polite.

Wandering around the Lard Yai Sunday Street Market presents the perfect opportunity to buy local souvenirs, and many of Phuket’s struggling artists sell original works for very affordable prices. Vintage and second-hand clothing are also available, as are homemade goods, toys, and typical souvenir staples such as magnets and postcards.

The food vendors lining the street of the Lard Yai Sunday Street Market are second to none and are quite happy to let you sample the local food before you purchase it. There is a lot of seafood, chicken, pork, and noodles on hand as well as Thai tea, coffee, and fruit shakes. There is one small beer garden in the market. Although it is fine to have a drink there, it is not acceptable to walk around with an open alcohol container in the market. Smoking is also strictly prohibited.

Much like the rest of the markets scattered around Phuket, the Lard Yai Sunday Street Market can be extremely busy. It is recommended to hit the market straight away at 4:00 pm, have a gander, and grab some food before settling into one of the cute cafes on Thalang Road.

The Lard Yai Sunday Street Market in Phuket’s historical old town district on Thalang Road is held every Sunday and gives locals, ex-pats, and tourists alike the chance to immerse themselves in a bit of local food, fun, and culture.

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Sunday Walking Street Market

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Sunday Walking Street Market

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Sunday Walking Street Market

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