Chillva Market

The new hipster market is located near the big Lotus’s supermarket in Phuket Town. It offers a wide range of local and international cuisine, as well as shopping, live music, and other entertainment. The market is known for its lively atmosphere and vibrant street ambiance.

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Chillva Market

This market style came from Bangkok. Its main idea is to chill with friends, relax, eat and buy something. Chillva Market is a popular destination for both tourists and locals.

The market is separated into three parts: restaurants and cafes, street food, and a market with clothes and accessories. When you hear about the Thai market, you imagine wooden elephants, fisherman pants, and street food. But Chillva Market will give you much more.

You can buy handmade one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing designed by local artists, bags crafted from hand-woven straw or bamboo, and fancy leather goods.

The market also has stalls with cheap phone cases, inexpensive clothes, colorful shirts, funny socks, flip-flops, dresses, and the like.

Thai visitors love chilling at night markets because of the large selection of food. You can try street food or take a seat in one of the cafes serving Japanese-style hot pot or seafood.

Closer to sunset, local musicians take the stage. Thai visitors, having stocked up on snacks, sit down to listen. Walk through the food stalls and grab some street food too. Chillva Market prepares popular Thai dishes: skewers, shrimp pad thai, baked mussels, grilled seafood, fish pancakes, sushi, spring rolls, pork ribs, and spicy salads. You can find Phuketian crepes A-Pong, pickled fruits, fried scorpions, grilled crocodile steak, and much more.

In addition to street food, the market also offers a variety of drinks, including fresh fruit juices, cocktails, and Thai beer in one of the bars. There is a small garden with photo spots separate from the market.

Chillva Market is not just a village market, but a venue for concerts by Bangkok artists and a place where the whole family comes.

Chillva Market is open in the evenings except on Sundays. The market’s vibrant atmosphere and unique offerings make it a must-visit destination for those looking to experience Phuket’s nightlife and taste authentic Thai street food.

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Chillva Market

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Chillva Market

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Chillva Market

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