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Promthep Cape

Promthep Cape is the quintessential Phuket spot to watch the sun go down, and snap a good old-fashioned sunset photo or two. Promthep Cape has become Phuket’s symbol, and it is well-loved by locals, tourists and expats alike.

Promthep Cape

Tourists flock to Promthep Cape by the bus load, and on any given day the landmark is buzzing. Often times it can be hard to find a parking spot, so it is recommended to visit Promthep Cape by scooter if possible.

Aside from admiring the stunning views Promthep Cape has to offer, it is possible to walk all the way down to the end of the cape where the ocean meets the land. The walk down is easy, however coming back up is a bit of a challenge if you are not used to strenuous activity. Make sure you bring a bottle of water and take the walk back up at a leisurely pace.

There is a mini-museum at Promthep Cape housed inside the lighthouse. It has a few old pictures and relics, highlighting a small piece of history of the surrounding area. A shrine surrounded by hundreds of elephant statues and carvings is also a highlight of Promthep Cape. The elephant statues and carvings come in all sizes and colors, and it is quite nice to wander around the shrine and observe all of the intricate details on the elephants.

Once the sun begins to set, it is time to buy souvenirs. Promthep Cape has a string of touristic shops selling the typical fare including fisherman pants, t-shirts, sarongs and kitschy items made of seashells. Postcards can also be found here, but many of the images tend to be outdated and faded from daily exposure to the sun.

On most days, there is a small market in the parking lot of Promthep Cape where visitors to the landmark have the opportunity to taste some of Phuket’s street cart delicacies including barbecued fish, fried chicken & sticky rice, fruit shakes and fresh coconuts. The food is cheap and tasty, and fresh coconut is a perfect drink to rehydrate after exploring all the Cape has to offer.

If time is on your side, it is highly recommended that you stop in for a meal at the Promthep Cape Restaurant. Dinner is the best time to dine here, as the last of the day’s rays paint a picture-perfect canvas. Once the sun sets, and the tourists have gone, Promthep Cape turns into a completely different landmark altogether. It is quiet and peaceful, and the ocean breeze tends to roll in.

The Promthep Cape Restaurant is a good choice to enjoy the cool evening air and a spectacular view. The menu is extensive and offers fresh seafood baskets as well as favorite Thai dishes at a reasonable price.

Promthep Cape, located at the southernmost point of the island, is a must-see when visiting Phuket.

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Promthep Cape

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Promthep Cape

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