Windmill Viewpoint

Officially named the Promthep Alternative Energy Station, the Windmill Viewpoint takes its name from the small scattering of towering, white windmills with propellers that generate electricity to the local area.

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Windmill Viewpoint

Apart from the view, this landmark does not have much in the way of facilities to offer. There is, however, a covered white sala that functions as a much-needed retreat from the midday sun. Most days there is a small vendor at the Windmill Viewpoint selling drinks and snacks, including fresh coconuts, bottled water, soft drinks and a variety of local beers. Every now and again, if you are lucky, you will also be able to run into a local Thai jewelry maker peddling his handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings which make for great, one of a kind souvenir.

The Windmill Viewpoint is a big attraction for those with model airplanes and hang gliders. When the wind is right, it is awesome to watch the hang gliders take off and soar high above the coast. The presence of the hang gliders makes for a great photo opportunity, especially if you follow the road back down to Nai Harn Beach to watch them land.

Although the Windmill Viewpoint is much quieter than Promthep Cape, there is not much in the way of parking, so it does tend to feel busy. Buses filled with group tours and tourists on scooters are known for crowding the place before sunset, so please do be careful when driving.

The Windmill Viewpoint, located on the road in between Nai Harn and Ya Nui beaches, is a nice spot to stop off and watch the day’s activities on the water, the hang gliders, and of course, is a phenomenal sunset spot.

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Windmill Viewpoint

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Windmill Viewpoint

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Windmill Viewpoint

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Windmill Viewpoint

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