Events in Phuket

Festivals, sporting events, quiz nights, international DJs, live music, food and beverage specials, comedy nights, networking events, Phuket never runs short of events on the island.

Events in Phuket

Events in Phuket

Mofified on February 7, 2023

Events in Phuket | Phuket, being a popular tourist destination, has a wide range of events and activities throughout the year.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival: A nine-day event in October or November, featuring street processions, religious ceremonies, and vegetarian food stalls.

Phuket Bike Week: A motorcycle rally held in April, attracting thousands of bikers from around the world.

Phuket King’s Cup Regatta: A sailing event held in December, attracting professional and amateur sailors from around the world.

Chinese New Year Celebrations: A colorful event in January or February, featuring dragon and lion dances, food stalls, and fireworks.

These are just a few of the many events in Phuket, and there are many smaller events and festivals happening throughout the year.

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