Where to Eat in Rawai

Rawai offers much in the line of food and drinks, boasting restaurants specialising in a number of cuisines from aroud the world.

Where to Eat in Rawai

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Where to Eat in Rawai

Mofified on February 9, 2023

Where to Eat in Rawai | There are several Thai-fusion restaurants in the area, as well as bakeries and cafés with loads of road-side stalls selling noodle soups or sweet and savoury pancakes. Rawai’s beachfront road is lined by an assortment of eateries where you’ll find a number of long-established seafood restaurants. The street has also seen some new developments recently, introducing several international options including a healthy salad bar and a few Japanese options.

There are quite a few coffee shops in the area and plenty of little Thai eateries well-worth stopping into for a meal. These often simple looking joints serve some of the tastiest foods at reasonable rates.

Rawai’s Viset Road is the location of several markets that move up and down the road according to what day of the week it is. They sell some scrumptious local food and snacks.

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